Our Story

A New Generation (ANG) is a Pregnancy Medical Clinic serving women and men in Hernando and surrounding counties since 1999.  ANG empowers women with the education they need to make an informed decision regarding their pregnancy and relationship issues.  Pregnancy testing and ultrasounds are provided and read by a medical doctor to confirm viability and gestational age.  We offer women medically accurate education and the tools they need to become well informed and confident in their decision.  We provide them with relevant resources to make a decision they can live with long term.

In addition to the pregnancy related services we offer, women are encouraged to learn about parenting and healthy relationships while becoming more self-assured in who they are.  Empowering women by turning the fear of the future into a confident hope is at the core of A New Generation.  We equip our clients to face what lies ahead of them with strength and dignity.

ANG believes that strong families are the key to healthy children.  This belief is the reason we provide education to the fathers as well.  Fatherhood programs and classes are offered to increase a man's confidence in his value and ability to make a difference in the lives of his children.  We recognize that married parents are the best place to raise children.  Yet when circumstances are less than optimal, resources and education is provided to best meet their needs and foster a well-functioning family.

Prevention is a key part of ANG's vision.  We have been providing prevention services in Hernando County schools since 2000.  We address the five at-risk behaviors, as indicated by the CDC, that cause our youth to put their goals and dreams aside for momentary rewards that often have lifelong consequences.  We have spoken to over 60,000+ students and continue our efforts to speak truth to the students of Hernando County.

A New Generation is strengthening our community by educating women, men and our youth in healthy relationships with their families, friends and co-workers.  We serve as a bridge from brokenness to a future filled with hope, dreams and success.

Our long term vision is to become a fully accredited medical facility that provides well-women care in a respectful and compassionate environment.  This will complement our social service programs by addressing the added physical need of our clients, as we continue to focus on their intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Mission Statement:

A New Generation provides evidence-based education, services and community resources for those primarily facing pregnancy and relationship issues in a respectful and compassionate environment.

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