Client Stories


  • Grew up in a broken home, where eventually my mother left to Costa Rica and my father turned me over to my grandparents to be raised.
  • I became a very wild child.
  • All of my relationships suffered

When I found Jesus

  • I found sobriety and Jesus.
  • Had a failed sober marriage.
  • Met Jason.
  • Our marriage began to see hard times.
  • We separated, I found out I was with child the next day.
  • I called 2 places before A New Generation to get a proof of pregnancy to apply for Medicaid, Roberta answered and told me to come in.
  • I signed a release and we shared a little of our faith.
  • Roberta informed me A New Generation offered Christian Counseling, and I knew we needed help.
  • From the first time we saw Bob he broke out his Bible and Jason was reminded that his wife was a gift from God:

Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.  The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman,' for she was taken out of man."  For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.  Genesis 2:22-24.

        Thank goodness God softened Jason's heart in that moment.  I have always been a runner, even after I was saved;  my eagerness to give up doesn't exactly encourage healing, but in this moment I have this child to think of.  I continued to go to counseling, hardened but willing.

  • Bob encouraged us both to get back into our personal Bible study and regularly attend church, even inviting us to his home church.

Real marriage by Mark Driscoll:

  • Helped us to see who we were supposed to be as ambassadors' for Christ in our marriage.  It reminded us that our reverence was for God and the covenant we made with Him about us.
  • Through the process I was able to see the way I handled our struggle was a hindrance as opposed to producing a good result.  Bob said "Candace, you can continue to do what you are doing, but what are your results?"  Like a 1,000 pound wall, I heard it.
  • I had some personal ideas I saw through that study, and the recognition of them, the bringing it to God and wanting to change into the person, the wife, the friend of God I knew He wanted me to be begun.  It was tough but I wanted to be free from the negative behaviors which had always been so destructive in my life.
  • Jason and I became friends again, and found out that blessing, serving, and loving the other person first was the way to experience a thriving marriage.  We have the kind of relationship I always dreamed of, but did not believe existed.  I pretty much had resigned to the idea you find someone you can tolerate and make the best of it.  Now our marriage isn't perfect, we still argue but our resolution is much quicker and not as messy.  There is lots of love and forgiveness here, thanks to Bob.


  • After having Noah, I was not working and Jason was just starting his company while trying to create enough income to support us.  It was a tough time in our home.  The Red Hat Ladies via A New Generation sponsored us for Christmas.  Therefore, our children had Christmas gifts, new clothes and blankets.  Coming to A New Generation was just an incredible blessing all the way around.


  • We started to attend church at night, and close to our home.  We sat next to this family for weeks.  They were warm and inviting, we really enjoyed going to church and they didn't mind when babies cried or made baby noises.
  • I had a conversation with a young woman in the baby food isle late one night at Wal-Mart.  That is when I learned the family we sat next to every week in church were the founders of A New Generation.  Totally struck in awe about how all-encompassing our God is, there are no words to express the amount of gratitude I have for A New Generation revolutionizing our marriage and giving us such awesome examples of the love of Christ.  God is good.




Hello, my name is Nicole and I am a single, proud mother of a beautiful baby boy named Carter. Before Carter came into my life, I made many, many unwise choices. Growing up, and still to this day, I had a wonderful life with wonderful, supportive parents. I had everything, and pretty much anything I wanted, including 4 years of prepaid college thanks to my parents, which I still have yet to taken advantage of. When I was 18, my parents put my name on their credit cards which gave me their awesome credit score. As you can imagine, I went crazy with that. I had credit cards with $10,000 limits, a brand new street bike, my own place, a bunch of friends, I had everything, (I thought).


With all those friends and my own place came the partying. I experimented with alcohol, cocaine and ecstasy. But once I tried my first prescription pill, I was instantly addicted and didn't even know it. In high school I was always a good kid, I didn't drink, smoke or party. I wasn't into that lifestyle. I thought doing pills was the scummiest type of drug anyone could do. But that all changed and it changed fast.


It started out with a vicodin here and there, just for the energy to get the house cleaned. Then I was only going to do them when I went out with my friends. But soon after I thought it would be a great idea to do them at work, since I was a waitress I thought all that extra energy and friendliness would get me better tips, and it did. By this time, just 1 pill wasn't doing it anymore, so I had to take 2 or 3 at a time. Then somehow it went from 2 or 3 vicodin to sniffing 2-3 oxycodone. Now, I wasn't just doing them when I wanted, I was doing them because I was addicted and had to, to not get sick. I got clean and relapsed 3 times.


Then this past December I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified not only to tell my parents, but because I had become addicted again when they thought I was clean.


Around March of this year, my parents found out I was using again. Now I was not only hurting myself, but I was hurting their grandbaby and my unborn child. I had again put myself into this position, so I had to get myself out, not only for myself but for my son.  


My mom found a counselor for me to talk to at A New Generation and also took me to a doctor to help me come off of the pills safely. I was ashamed, mortified and terrified at first, it took me a little while to open up because it was not easy for me to admit I was using while pregnant. It was there I came to know that I could have a personal relationship with Jesus. I now had the strength I could never find alone.


I was able to talk about my problems without being judged. I had weekly appointments to meet with my counselor who after sometime had invited me to her church. She told me about a recovery program on Wednesday nights, and allowed me to come volunteer at the center to keep me busy. After a few months, she went from being my counselor to being my friend. I could call her if I needed anything, I would go to the center to work to keep my mind busy, and to make my mommy money at the same time to get stuff I needed for my baby since I wasn't working. 95% of my baby supplies came from here and programs associated with A New Generation. I have been clean since May 23rd, with great help and support from A New Generation. It is still a battle every day, but God continues to get me through it.


On August 2nd, I had a healthy baby boy, who thanks to A New Generation has everything that I need to take care of him, and will be the best dressed baby in Spring Hill.  I thank God every single night and every time I look at my son for blessing me with a healthy baby, and for saving my life by doing so. Now I have everything.

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